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Characters: Star (female wolf/ alien princess) age:19
                     Ray (male wolf/ city boy) age:18
This story is based on two of my anthro characters. Ray lives in a large industrial city, where life isn't so good. That all changes when he see's a star in the sky and wishes upon it hoping it will help his life, because of the old story his mother used to read him before she died. When he does this nothing happens and he turns away. As he does this he sees a strange light, and quickly sees the star is heading straight for him in a pink light. The star hits him, and he is knocked back clutching it in his arms, only to find it's a girl. The girl he find's is an alien from a distant planet who is much like the normal wolves here, but has extra powers, such levitation, telepathy, kinesis, and the ability to hear ones thoughts by touching them, but she has no recollection of her memory or anything that happened from the time she woke up in Ray's apartment. After a few days from her accent from the sky Ray found it fitting that she'd be named Star since she does not even remeber her own name. For weeks Ray and Star live together, becoming close as Ray begins to fall in love with the alien girl as she changes his life and makes him see that there is meaning to his life and not all light has been destroyed, along with the laughter and kindness she brings with her. As the weeks pass, bit's of her memory are regained and she eventually remember's her name and her past. Her true name is Naveen. She is a princess of a powerful race of wolfen aliens, and her ending up on Ray's planet was a horrible accident by assasins who had planned to kill her. She remembers she has a fiance, a powerful war lord, named Zallak. She tells Ray this and he is torn. He knows they will find her, and she will be gone forever. The story takes place with this ordeal as Ray is broken hearted, and Star lingers to his room. What is the space princess thinking?
                                                    Star's Decision

              In the bedroom apratment Ray lays in his bed, the pillow covering his face while the blankets lay strewn across the bed, while the t.v flashes in the dim room. Getting up and quickly throwing back on his shirt he walks into the apartment kitchen, the dishes left untouch for days.
"Star usually takes care of this...", Ray thought to himself "I guess she's still on the blacony...".
She had often taken care of the house, seeing that it was incredibly easy with her telekenisis. It wasn't normal for her to ignore something like this. Then again is wasn't normal for Ray to ignore Star. She was indeed his new found best friend. And now he couldn't bear to look at her. It was just too much being taken away at once. To put so much love into one person only to have it taken away so easily. Ray sighed putting his hand to his face as he leaned against the sink, as tears fell to the floor. The pain was too much, and everything about her he loved so much. From despair it quickly boiled into rage, throwing his fists into the glass frame cabinet, spilling dishes across the floor as a spectacle of glass exploded and crashed to the floor. Within a matter of seconds he had completely destroyed the kitchen as he collapsed to the floor, not even the least bit concerned of the glass or his cuts. All he could do is sob. The only thing echoing through poor Ray's mind was that once again he'd be alone in his life. Once again, what he loved most will be taken away.... Covering his face he wept, as his body flinched with every sob that went through him. Opening his eyes he saw the glass float off the floor as the broken dishes began to fix into place from the smallest of shards on the floor, as they floated back up to the cabinets. Star stood in the hall of the kitchen, her eyes closed as the once massacre of a kitchen returned to it's normal state within the same amount of time he destroyed it. As the last of it returned, she opened her eyes as her pink orbs looked upon Ray.
"Ray...", she sighed.
Ray shakily stood up, the cuts still bleeding on his arms and hands.
"Ray...", she reached out to heal him.
"Dont touch me!", he shouted pushing her hands aside, as he stormed passed her into the bathroom. Star sighed, looking upon the kitchen, and the night sky outside the window. Hearing the door slam, she flinched. She was still niave to certain behaviors of this planet and was easily upset, but she could handle it this time, she had to. Making her way to the door she knocked softly as she heard the bathroom sink running, and Ray grunting in pain. Ray ignored her as he washed his cuts, the clear water becoming a mix of crimson with his blood.
"Ray... please. I need to talk to you.", she spoke softly.
"What for!?", he snapped. "There's nothing to fucking talk about!"
Star stepped back a bit offended by the phrase. She hated that word...
"Ray... please dont do this. We need to talk.", she urged.
For a moment things went quiet as the sink silenced and Ray sighed. There was a click of the door as it unlocked and Ray stepped out, his arms and hands wrapped in bandages. Looking at her, she looked back at him.
"There's nothing to talk about Star...", he spoke low this time.
He pushed passed her, careful not to let her touch him, or read his thoughts. "Yes there is!", she shouted, for what may have been the first time in her life. Ray was stunned as he turned to face her. Her normally pink color now flustered in a red aura.
"You're making this harder than it needs to be! You're my best friend, and you doing this isn't going to make this better! You're stubborn arrogant, and sometimes the biggest idiot I've ever known! But you can't just toss me away because you find out I'm a princess and fiance to some overlord! You wouldn't have cared before! So why do you care now!? We're still together, we're still friends!! We've been through so much these past weeks.... and you're forgetting all of it over this...", she began to cry as her color returned pink.
"You're forgetting... who I am to you. They may find me, but what we have wont change." Ray's eyes remained on her face, as her saw her expression of pain.
"Star... I'm sorry...", he spoke weakly.
He hadn't realized she had cared that much. He only thought she wanted to go right back to her original life.
"I shouldn't have done what I did... it was wrong...", he sighed. " But whatever your decision, I just hope you're happy... because I loo... I...", he hesitated.
Star wiped her eyes, confused by what he was trying to say.
"You what Ray?", she sniffed. Ray sighed,
"I hope you find what you're looking for... and whatever your decision... I only hope you're happy, and I hope he makes you happy..." With that he stumbled into the bedroom, half closing the door, throwing his shirt to the floor again, and layed down with his body facing the wall.
Star, slowly stepped in, shutting the door, and locking it. She moved across the side of the bed, running her fingers along the blanket. Ray lay still, his mind starting to go at ease from everything. That was until he felt the pressure of Star on top of him. She climbed along his side, until she lay face to face with him, as her pink nose nearly touched his.
"Ray... I've already made my decision.", she said softly as she pulled closer to him.
"I know you love me. But I dont want my old life... After everything you've shown me, and the kindness you gave me, I too fell in love as you have for me. Your thoughts may be clouded, but love like that can't be hidden.", she smiled as a tear fell from her beatiful pink eyes.
"Why couldn't you just tell me?" Ray found it hard to breathe seeing her like this.
"Because, I wanted you to be happy... To be where you belong, because I... I dont deserve you." She smirked,"Ray you're an idoit and I love you!", she cried as she silenced him with her kiss.
Ray's eyes lay wide open, as they slowly closed shut, while he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She moved her hands on his chest feeling his thoughts as she saw them in passionate images and love beyond what she deserved. Breaking free, the kiss ceased as Ray smiled, placing his hand upon her face, wiping away her tears.
"Ray, I love you so much...", she breathed.
"I love you too Star...", he kissed again, as he moved his hands down her back, scratching her as she gasped.
Moving his hands he lifted her shirt, but stopped. This was all too soon, he thought. He couldn't do this... Her virginity is what kept her power, and what made her the princess. She had told him this before, as she spoke of her powers. To do something like that would be unforgivable.
"Ray...", she quivered.
Ray froze as if what she had to say would stop time itself.
"Take me...", she spoke ever so softly.
"Star, but your powers, I can't take that away from you. I just can't...", he was interupted as she shushed him.
"My powers are meaningless, if I can't have you Ray...", she said as she kissed his cheek.  Ray smiled lovingly as he pulled her shirt, as she moved along with him, easily removing it.  He could feel her body quiver, as she looked down at him, while she drug her nails across his chest. Closing his eyes he unfastened her pants as he lowered them while feeling her soft thighs. The excitement was more than he could take as he quickly became feverish from it all. Her pink tail swayed as she remained connected with Ray in their kiss, as she felt they were literally breathing each other's souls, exploring one another passionately. Even as she touched Ray, she could see not one foul image cross Ray's mind. He was perfectly and most dedicatedly in love with her. As Star pulled away from the kiss she stared deeply into Ray's eyes, not once looking away as she used her power to unfasten his belt, and slowly she romoved his blue jeans moving her hand along his legs.
"Oh Star...", he cooed as he kissed her once more.
Closing her eyes, she lowered herself until she could feel him at the edge, and awaited him to enter as her tail hung in the air. Slowly Ray edged forth as she gasped from the first entry, and quivered, gripping Ray's shoulders.
"Ray!", she gasped.  
"I love you Star...", he spoke assuringly as the movements began, and Star gasped louder, and placed her face into his chest. This was like nothing Ray had ever experienced. To him this wasn't just sex... It was being one with Star. He could feel her heart pounding, he could feel her warmth, and he could hold her safely. Star's eyes began to mist as the pain set in but the pleasure much more, as she buried her face into the safety of Ray's chest, as the beautiful colors danced in Ray's mind to let her know that all was well. Rolling over Ray lay on top, going with the movements much smoother, and much better as Star, wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him further to her. She kissed his neck and clawed his back, and nothing was more sweeter. Ray began to quiver as the feeling intensified, as Star sensed it too. Slowly rolling their hips between one another in their passionate display as Ray panted harder with each heated thrust and every lap of Star's hips colliding with his in their rythmic movements. The dance was soon to end. Ray suddenly stopped as the movements slowed and his breath became slower. Star reached her final peak as she shut down, quivering and holding tightly to Ray, as a warm and comforting feeling went from him into her. Ray, pulled away, but still lay next to her, as she gasped one last time from Ray's release,and riding the pleasure given from her lover. Pulling close he wrapped his arms around her tightly kissing her face, as Star smiled, her face pinker than ever. Star looked into Ray's eyes
"I am your's Ray... My royalty is gone, and my power relenquished... I am normal.", she giggled happily.
Ray smiled," are you sure your powers are gone? They can't all be gone... can they?"
Star placed her hand on his chest.
"I only feel your heart beat.", she smiled, and for the first time she couldn't hear Ray's thoughts.
Ray blushed, and held her hand close.
"You can't ever really be normal Star...", Ray smiled.
"Why, what do you mean? What's wrong?", she whimpered.
"A normal girl wouldn't have ever made me this happy Star. A normal girl wouldn't have fallen on me from the stars, and flip my life upside down, and no normal girl would've ever made me fall in love with you the way I did.", he laughed becoming a little teary eyed.
Star beamed as she kissed him again.
"Will they still come back for you?", Ray questioned.
Star nodded," But they wont take me back. I've made my decision. They may not be happy with it, but I am already yours."
Ray smiled closing his eyes as he kept his arms safely wrapped around her.
"Star?", Ray called?
"Yes Ray?", she responded.
"Stupid question, but... what would've happened if you had, well you know... done what we did with that overlord guy? Would you have still lost your powers?"
Star laughed, petting Ray's back," Well actually, I wouldn't... Because he's royalty, and a perfect breed to my race, my powers would've doubled in strength. But because I chose you, he will have no use for me. Overlord's only care about power, and if they must gain more through breeding, they will take it. There is no passion or love in this... It's horrible, but it's happened to many of those before me... pretending to be happy... Yet their power would reamain useless against the Overlords before. They were literally imprisoned by their powers...", she sighed.
Ray listened in dis-belief of it all. So much he'd never heard of before.
"What would the Overlord's have you do with your power?", Ray almost hesitated to ask.
"Nothing more than become a tool for war Ray... an unstoppable weapon for the Overlords use.", at that she finished, and Ray didn't ask more. He knew with her power the way it was before she could hurt people if she wanted to, but wouldn't have the heart to do so.
Piping back up she said, "Why we couldn't hurt an overlord is because when the two have become one, all of the princess's power transfers and triples in the overlord. He becomes unstoppable as well."
She continued to scracth Ray's back, as his eyes lowered and closed, while his leg kicked.
"And no Overlord could ever be you Ray. My silly friend.", she giggled.
Star lay her head on Ray's chest, feeling his warmth as her legs wrapped around with his.
"I want to be as close as I can when I fall asleep with you tonight.", Star yawned as she began to drift.
Ray smiled, and blushed as the alien girl he so loved fell asleep. But tomorrow he'd have to face an Amarta, and he knew they could not take her.
Laying his chin over her head he said softly, "My beautiful Star..."

Star's decision by BlushingWolf

Mature Content
God this took me forever to write... :P
Anyways I don't know If I'll continue this, but if the first get's enough views and comments I'll write the very end to this.
So umm to be continued...?
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